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General Information

Congress secretariat and registration

  • For all matters regarding organization
    Dr Kinga Toboła-Wróbel
    Magdalena Owczarczak
    • For all matters and questions considering payments and invoice:
      Accounting manager Magdalena Madej

    Congress secretariat and registration

    • The registration desk is located in the Foyer in the Andersia Hotel (first floor)
    • Registration and Secretariat hours:
      - Thursday the 7th September - 10 am - 8 pm
      - Friday the 8th September - 8 am - 8 pm
      - Saturday the 9th September - 8 am - 8 pm

    Online programme book

    • The full program book will be available on the DPSG website and

    Meeting rooms

    • All scientific meetings will be located in the Main Lecture Hall
    • Poster sessions will be located in three poster rooms on the same floor as the Main Lecture Hall


    • The presentations should be saved on a USB in a version compatible with PowerPoint version 10.
    • Presentations must be handed over to the local assistant in the Speaker Ready Room (“Eisendle”) at least 1 hour prior to begin of the session. Adaptors for own Apple laptops are not available. In case of doubt, contact a local assistant.

    Speaker ready room

    • The speaker ready room is located near the registration area
    • Opening hours:
      - Thursday, September 7th - since 2 pm to the end of sessions
      - Friday, September 8th - since 8 am to the end of sessions
      - Saturday, September 9th - since 8 am to the end of sessions


    • All posters will be on display for the whole duration of the meeting.
    • All posters must be put up by Friday, September 7th, 8.30.
    • Instructions on the poster size: max. height of 100 cm and width of 120 cm.
    • All posters will be on display for the whole conference:
      Session Posters Room<
      - Obesity & GDM I - PP01-PP16 - I
      - Pre-pregnancy diabetes - PP17-PP31 - II
      - Public Health - PP32-PP46 - III
      - Obesity & GDM II - PP47-PP62 - I
      - Genomics & Metabolomics - PP63-PP77 - II
      - Offspring follow-up & other - PP78-PP92 - III
    • All posters should remain attached the whole duration of the conference and should be removed on Saturday, September 9th, after 15:30.

    Internet service

    • Free Wi-Fi is available for congress participants in the venue and will be provided in the hotel and registration desk.

    Mobile phones

    • All mobile phones must be on silent mode during sessions.
    • Photography and videos during presentations
    • We request all participants to refrain from taking photographs or videos of presentations, unless authorized by the presenter.


      • The first meal of the meeting is dinner on Thursday evening at 19.30, which will be served in the Main Lecture Hall in the Hotel before the discussion. The meeting ends on Sunday morning after breakfast.
      • Coffee breaks and lunches will be served in the coffee areas (foyer near the Main Lecture Hall). Lunches will be served as buffet in the foyer area.
      • Friday’s dinner will be organized at 20.00-23.00;
      • Saturdays’s Gala Dinner will be organized in the hotel at 20.00.

      DPSG annual business meeting (members only)

      Friday, September 8th, 17.45 to 19.15 in the Main Lecture Hall


      • Smoking is not permitted inside the hotel.

      Safety and security

      • During the entire conference, please wear your ID badges.
      • Please do not leave bags or suitcases unattended at any time.
updated: 2023-09-03